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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Music Review : Reflektor

I'm a big fan of Arcade Fire judging by the plays of their previous albums on my music collection. I started listening to this new album as it slowly trickled it's way onto the internet. First "Reflektor" which besides featuring David Bowie (who seems to be in at the moment) it had a funky disco beat that gave me a feel for the direction of the new album. I should probably point out that in terms of critiquing an album I don't have many qualifications for it, besides owning an opinion on it. I bought the album on Google Music for those looking to purchase it (£4.99 at the time of writing, compared to £12.99 in HMV!).

I've been listening to the album almost non-stop for the past few days now and whilst I didn't feel the instant love for it I did when I listened to Neon Bible this album is growing into one of my favourites. I implore every to give this album at least three goes before dismissing it ! We Exist is a personal favourite of mine, even if I don't know what the lyrics mean for 90% of it.....

Based on previous efforts by Arcade Fire I think it's fair to give this album a respectable score, whilst not as good as Neon Bible it is definitely a catchy disco album that has me humming the songs hours after I stop listening